The overarching goals for professional development at AAU are: 

  • to ensure that faculty and staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to undertake their roles effectively;
  • to ensure that the development needs of individuals and teams are met in line with organisational need;
  • to strengthen the University’s leadership and management capability;
  • to support all colleagues in the quality provision of learning opportunities and associated support services for the University’s customers;
  • to ensure that effective systems and processes for the identification and support of development needs are in place;
  • to ensure that staff development needs are addressed equitably and fairly within the University’s diversity and equality frameworks;
  • all staff, regardless of grade, experience, length of service, level within the organisation or location should have access to appropriate developmental opportunities in line with organisational need.


Strategic objectives


Professional Development Center has four overarching objectives: 

  1. Provide a framework to underpin professional throughout the University; 
  2. Supports the building of capacity and capability for the future of the University;
  3. Support and facilitate change;
  4. Further, promote a developmental culture at AAU.