AAU Launches New Services for Students

AAU Launches New Services for StudentsAl Ain University has launched a package of new services that aim to provide premium services for students through the Admission and Registration Unit and the Department of Finance. This came as a translation of the objectives of the university administration to provide better services for students. The Admission and Registration Unit has started using the "Q-system" to regulate the registration and paying fees processes. In addition, a staff assessment was put in place for students to evaluate the employees and the degree of acceptance of the provided services to assist the administration in knowing the degree of student satisfaction to improve the level of services.

Moreover, the electronic registration system has been activated through the university portal to facilitate the process of course registration, viewing timetables, printing transcripts, and all other registration-related services students may need.

Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh, AAU Chancellor, stated that “we aim to develop quality standards to improve services to be able to address all inquiries and complaints, and acquaint students with all the services offered by the university, which, in turn, will reduce the chances of misunderstanding and future complaints.”

Atatreh added that the university has always sought to engage the students and consult with them in the development of services provided so as to achieve the highest possible level of student satisfaction, pointing out that the questionnaire has been set up to collect students’ comments. He reiterated that the university is committed towards its students to provide the best possible service and to measure the level of services provided. In that regard, AAU follows a process of monitoring and periodic review of existing and new services in order to be improved according to the university's plans for continuous development and advancement.

On her part, Mrs. Suhad Radi, AAU Registrar General, pointed out that the services provided by the Admission and Registration Unit reflect the principles upon which the university's strategy is based; that the student is the focus of its services and its primary objective, and it also falls within its mission in providing quality services for students.

On the other hand, the student Aida Jabri from the college of Law expressed pleasure for the new services offered by the university which have facilitated matters that were otherwise time-consuming.  On how well the university administration responds to student comments, she said that the university administration receives suggestions with an open mind and discusses all the proposed ideas directly with the students or through the Student Council.

On a different note, the AAU on-campus health club and gym are now open. The health club has been equipped with the latest fitness equipment in the Middle East imported from Italy while the gym has been equipped according to the latest international standards to hold inter-college tournaments.

AAU Launches New Services for Students


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