AAU President Meets New Faculty Members

AAU President Meets New Faculty MembersAs part of the attention he gives to communicating with faculty members and providing students with updated services, Prof. Ghaleb Awad El Refae, AAU President, met with the new faculty members who have recently joined the AAU various colleges where he welcomed them and offered his greetings for the beginning of the academic year 2013/2014.

During the meeting, Prof. El Refae pinpointed AAU’s directions towards development and quality, and he reiterated that the principles adopted by AAU are in tandem with the standards of the Commission of Academic Accreditation at the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. El Refae added that AAU’s development and quality are based on eleven criteria (Organization and Governance, Quality Assurance, Academic Programs, Academic and Administrative Staff, Students, Learning Resources, Physical Resources, Fiscal Resources, Transparency and Integrity, Research and Scholarly Activities, and Community Engagement).  He also stressed the importance of scientific research to meet the needs of the UAE community as well as its economic and educational reality.

 Further, El Refae highlighted that mutual respect and openness should always govern the relationship between students, faculty, and administration. Faculty members were also urged to abide by office hours and textbooks and to continue to improve the educational process which is a pivotal criterion in quality assurance. Thus, AAU will be able to achieve the future vision it aspires to according to the set strategic plan.


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