Al Ain Narcotic-Drugs Control Conducts Workshop at AAU

Al Ain Narcotic-Drugs Control Conducts Workshop at AAUThe College of Law at Al Ain University, in collaboration with the Narcotic-Drugs Control Branch, Al Ain, organized a workshop for the law students. The workshop, part of the practical training for senior students, included legal and awareness aspects relating to narcotics. First Warrant Officer, Abdullah Al Nuaimi, from Narcotic-Drugs Control Branch in Al Ain, conducted the workshop in the presence of Major Abdullah Al Hassani, Director of Narcotic-Drugs Control Branch in Al Ain; Prof. Ghaleb El-Refae, AAU President; and the Dean of the College of Law in addition to the law students.

First Warrant Officer, Al Nuaimi, presented three major aspects including the awareness side of identifying narcotics, the hazards they pose, and the attention the UAE leadership gives to narcotic-drug control in addition to identifying the points of entry into the UAE. The second aspect focused on the legal side in narcotics-related crimes such as rules for arrest, inspection, frisking individuals, and evidence collection in narcotics-crime scenes. Finally, the third aspect dealt with case studies of actual crimes taking place; videos depicting hiding places and the experience of other countries in narcotics control were presented to the audience.

 On his part, Dr. Hussain Al Mouguy, Dean of the College of Law at AAU, reiterated that it is highly important for students at the College of Law to be acquainted with the tasks and procedures of the Narcotic-drugs control department in order to carry out their responsibilities as qualified public prosecutors. It is also quite essential to be well-informed on the technicalities of conducting an investigation, dealing with evidence, and carrying out tests. Hence, students will be able to identify the type of crime, carry out inspection according to technical and legal standards and principles for each situation to ensure presenting the most comprehensive case possible.


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