Intellectual Property Talk at AAU

Intellectual Property Talk at AAUAs part of intellectual cooperation, and in light of renewed legal education and technology, the College of Law at Al Ain University, in cooperation with the Copyright Department at the Ministry of Economy, organized a talk entitled “Legal Protection for Online Intellectual Property” presented by Mr. Fawzi Al Jaberi, Director of the Copyright Department at the Ministry of Economy. Dr. Husain Al Mougy, Dean of the College of Law and Dr. Bashar Al Momani, Head of the Private Law Department attended the talk in addition to faculty members and students.

Mr. Fawzi Al Jaberi presented three issues starting with the role of the Ministry of Economy in limiting piracy and its preventive and supervisory role in avoiding judicial disputes over intellectual property rights. He referred to the development of the applicable intellectual property laws in the UAE, unifying intellectual property departments under the umbrella of the Ministry of Economy, and explained the procedures followed for the registration of records as well as how to apply to copyright record.

Al Jaberi also reiterated the role of the Ministry of Economy and the advances it has made in the field of fighting piracy through executing strict measures when it comes to book piracy, blocking illegal websites, seizing pirated CDs, fining violations of the geographical zone for distribution, and confiscating copying equipment. Further, he presented illustrations and a documentary to raise legal awareness on intellectual property laws. Al Jaberi also tackled the issues of the literary rights for an author and the limitations while the last issue was the contract identifying copyright owners and   the civil liability on the parties of the contract.


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