Within the events of the Reading Year 2016 .. AAU organized “Read to Live Up” Competition


Under the instructions of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, to make the year 2016 a reading year. The Deanship of Students Affairs at Al Ain University –Abu Dhabi Campus, organized “Read to live up” competition, in cooperation with the university library. Which is considered as the first session of the Reading Club activities. The session was presented by Dr. Iyad Abdul Majeed -Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, and Mrs Leena Abu Lebdeh - Library Manager, and it aims to motivate students to read and create an educated generation.

They started with greeting the club members and discussed about the importance and benefits of reading, then they distributed the first book entitled “The sisters of the dream” for the Emirati writer “Saleha Abu Obaid”, Where the students have to read the book and analyze its contents, and the writer's ideas to be discussed in the next session with the students and evaluate them.

It is worth to mention that, the university also gave the club members the new version of the Arab writer journal issued by the General Union of Arab Writers.


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