Business Students visited Monitoring and Control Center


The College of Business students at Al Ain University visited Monitoring and Control Center in Abu Dhabi along with Dr. Riham Muqattash. The main objective of the visit was to make students aware of the various auditing activities and risks related to the auditing process in the real world. The visit also provides students with the opportunity to bridge the gap between academia and real-world experience through enhancing social competencies and practical skills to develop their future career.

Mr. Ahmed Khalfan Al Kaabi, Internal Audit Unit Head in the Monitoring and Control Center welcomed the Al Ain University students and made an outstanding presentation, he started with an introduction regarding the definition of operational auditing and explained the internal auditing process and the risks related to the auditing type. Also, Mr. Al Kaabi explained the role of the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority in preparing graduates students to audit profession.

At the end, a panel discussion to exchange ideas has been conducted between the Internal Audit Unit Head and our students.


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