A Student’s visit to AD statistics Center

Students of “Statistics for business decision making” program from the College of Business and students of “Descriptive Statistics” program from the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Campus, visited the Statistics Center of Abu Dhabi (SCAD), under the supervision of Dr. Nuha Hamada and Dr. Ibrahim Niankara from the College of Business.

A lecture by Mr. Tim was given about “The use of statistics in real life” to the students, and what role the SCAD plays as a statistical center in Abu Dhabi and the UAE at large. Overall, the lecture was engaging, and students participated with joy in the ongoing interactions. 

This visit aimed at helping students learn how to acquire and analyze the data collected by the SCAD, through learning first hand from SCAD employees, how to submit a formal request for the data before the SCAD, how to select a representative sample of the community for a study, how to analyze the data using statistical software, and finally how to report the analysis. The students also learned that they should be critical consumers of statistical information. 


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