An Orientation Meeting for the Future Engineers

An orientation meeting was organized by the College of Engineering at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Campus, between the academic staff and the freshmen students who joined the college at the beginning of the academic year 2018-2019.

Dr. Faten Kharbat, Deputy Dean of the College of Engineering, started the meeting by hoping the students to have a great academic year full of positivity and successes, directed them to start working hard and stressing the importance of being an engineer even while they are students.

Various sessions were delivered by the college professors about the most important topics that students should be familiar with, during their studies.

Starting with Dr. Thabet Mismar, he explained the Academic Clarifications which include GPA Rating, Course Grading System, Attendance (FA), and other AAU rules and policies.

Dr. Mohammad Daoud talked about Registering for classes and explaining in detailed about the study plan, and the students’ future career and how they can decide to study what they are good at.

For his part, Dr. Ismail Ben Mabrouk spoke about the various NCE undergraduate projects that NCE students can be interested in their senior year and he gave some examples.

Dr. Yazeed Ghadi focused on talking about the Grants and Financial Aid that the university offers for the students and he explained the differences between those grants. Moreover, Dr. Tarik Elamsy talked about the AAU email and the importance of using this email during students’ life in the university, and he clarified the idea of using the Edugate and the Moodle.

Dr. Hedia Fgaier talked about the importance of the Library and how much resources can the student be benefited on using them, furthermore, she mentioned respecting the book copyrights and that to photocopy books are not legal and not permitted in the classroom.

As for his role as Lab instructor, Mr. Mohammad Talha talked about the Computer and Physics Labs and the rules the students should follow while they are in the labs.

Finally, Mr. Zaydoon Hatamleh talked about Continuous Education Center and what services can the center offer for the students.

This orientation came in conjunction with the IEEE day 2018 where it is a celebration the first time in history when engineers worldwide and IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884. 


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