Safari trip for AAU family to Al Khatim Desert

A Safari trip to Al Khatim desert organized by the Human Resources Unit in collaboration with Arabian Desert Tours and Safari Company for the AAU’s Academic and Administrative staff and their families at Abu Dhabi Campus. Organizing the trip aims to enhance communication between the AAU family and creating a recreational environment away from the routine of work.

AAU family enjoyed the exciting trip in the middle of the desert, where they visited a Bedouin camp and learned about their traditions and their way of life. They also spent gratifying times in driving bikes on sand dunes, sand skiing, camel riding, and carrying falcons. This was accompanied by a variety of activities such as henna painting, watching the skirt dance, as well as taking souvenir pictures in the middle of the desert with Bedouin traditional costumes.

The AAU staff expressed their great pleasure in this beautiful trip, which contributed to get out from the daily routine and to identify a new tourist destination in Abu Dhabi.


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