The College of Pharmacy welcomes its freshmen students in a special way


An orientation meeting was organized by the College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Campus, between the academic staff and the freshmen students who joined the college at the beginning of the academic year 2018-2019.

The meeting started with a welcome speech by Dr. Mohammad Ghattas, Deputy Dean of the College of Pharmacy, who wished the students to have a great academic year full of positivity and successes, advised them to work hard, and stressing the keenness of all professors in the College of Pharmacy to support all the students.

 Various sessions were delivered by the college professors about the most important topics that students should be familiar with, during their studies.

Dr. Nezar Al Bataineh began to review the students' rights and responsibilities, stressing the importance of academic guidance, especially in the first year of university, and recommending new students to follow up with the academic advisor.

Dr. Mohammad Hudaib talked about the course registration, the curriculum, the courses description and the credit hours in of the bachelor of pharmacy, which amounted to 160 credit hours.

For her part, Dr. Sawsan Abu Hamdeh spoke about the students' assessment of the course teacher, stressing on the AAU keenness to the student's opinion in order to continue the process of developing the educational process. Dr. Rose Ghamrawi focused on two aspects, first one was the academic fraud and penalties, and the second one it was about the importance of using the electronic courses which are available through the university's website.

As for the community interaction, Dr. Mohammed Fawzi reviewed the most important conferences and exhibitions which can be attended by the College of Pharmacy students, most prominent; ”Duphat”, as one of the most important exhibitions in which students can participate with their own projects. On the other hand, Ms. Kawthar Kayed talked about the activities and events organized by the college and the most important committees that will be developed soon. Stressing the importance of students participating in extracurricular activities during their university life to entertain themselves, break the routine and combine studying with fun.

At the end of the meeting, students were given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the teachers. They were also taken on an introductory tour of the campus.


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