The “Achievement Day” a celebration of the student’s achievements


From the vision and mission of the college in particular and the AAU, in general, to prepare teachers and professional practitioners in the educational field, the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at Al Ain University, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi campuses, celebrated the students’ works by presenting their achievements files.
Through their presentations, the students present their projects which reflect their achievements in the field training and the most important skills and experiences acquired by the student during the training period. The ceremony also included an exhibition of the students’ works from the College of Education. This ceremony was marked by the participation of the People of Determination who presented special presentations.
Prof. El Refae was delighted in seeing how the educational programs have reflected positively upon the students' effort and brought new ideas to enrich the outcome of students in terms of academic achievements and educational outputs after completing the courses.
Prof. Al Jallad stressed on the importance of this day to exchange educational experiences. He added, it is also an opportunity for students to exert great efforts in research and follow-up in the preparation of these files according to scientific and academic bases.


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