A virtual celebration of the Saudi National Day

The Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University (Al Ain and Abu Dhabi) campuses, organized a virtual meeting with AAU students of the Saudi Nationality on the occasion of the 90th Saudi National Day, in the presence of Prof. Ghaleb Al-Refae, AAU President, the Deans, Prof. Ibtehal Abu Rezeq, Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Hani Al-Jarrah, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, and Saudi Student.

Al-Refae congratulated the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi nation and the Saudi students, wishing the kingdom, continued progress and prosperity.

He pointed the importance of bilateral relations between the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is considered as a good example of cooperation, solidarity and human brotherhood. He assured the Saudi students that, Al Ain University is keen to take care of them and provide them with all forms of support.

For her part, the Dean of Student Affairs explained that this virtual meeting was aimed to share pride feelings with the Saudi students in their National Day, noting that Al Ain University used to celebrate the Saudi National Day on its campus, however, the current circumstances prevented that due to Covid-19 pandemic, hoping that the celebrations and events would return at the university in the near future, God willing.


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