Top 25 strong students compete for the 'Strongest student' title at AAU


From different colleges of Al Ain University, 25 students competed for the “Strongest Student at AAU” title, where they passed different athletics and fitness challenges.

The activity was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs in collaboration with the Administrative Unit. Also, a group of institutions and centers sponsored valuable prizes to the winners and the audience, such as; Red Bull, Al Marai, ZOV International, Ayla Hotel, Danat Hotel, Burjeel Hospital, NMC Hospital, Advanced Technology Company, Lays Chips, and Cross Fit Gym.

Sports activities varied between, jumping obstacles, carrying heavy weights, pulling a car, crawling on sand and many other games that measure the ability of the competitors to complete the task fast and without fatigue.

The first three places went to students who broke the speed record, where the first place went for Ali Zaki from the College of Engineering, the second place was for Abdullah Ashraf from the College of Pharmacy, and the third place was for Baraa Fath Al Rahman from the College of Pharmacy.

The event was attended by Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh, AAU Chancellor, Prof. Ghaleb El Refae, AAU President, Dr. Amer Qasem, AAU Vice President, number of academic and administrative staff and students.

The Strongest Student in AAU has achieved remarkable success, where it is aiming to encourage students to practice sport, enhance the spirit of honest competition and spread enthusiasm among them.



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