AAU Ranked 2nd in (UAE) and 168 (worldwide) in the “2022 UI Greenmetric Ranking”

Al Ain University (AAU) is ranked, 2nd in UAE, 11th in the Arab region, and 168th worldwide among the 1050 listed institutions, by the “2022 UI Greenmetric World University Ranking”.

The criteria and indicators used by this ranking to rate the universities include a collection of basic information on the size of the university and its zoning (urban, suburban, or rural) profile, degree of green space, electricity consumption to link with carbon footprint, transportation, water usage, waste management, setting & infrastructure, energy & climate change, education & Research and how the university is responding to or dealing with the issues of sustainability through policies, actions, and communication.

Prof. Ghaleb El Refae (AAU President), thanked the “UI Greenmetric World University Ranking” for honoring AAU with the recognition. He emphasized that, achieving better in ranking platforms are one of the strategic priorities of AAU and securing a university rank exclusively for the concept of green is noteworthy.

Dr. Nazih Khaddaj Mallat (Vice President for Accreditation and Quality Assurance), stated that these results have benchmarked AAU from fellow competitors, and he thanked the “UI Greenmetric World University Ranking” for their acknowledgment”. He stressed that this achievement reminds the direction of the focused vision of the nation towards sustainability.

AAU is participating and performing consistently in the Greenmetric Ranking and securing better ranks from the past years reminds of the commitment AAU has towards a sustainable society.



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