Students Iftar in the presence of the University President

For the first time after the gap of two years due to the COVID pandemic restrictions, the Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University, Al Ain Campus, organized an Iftar gathering for the students on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan. In the presence of Prof. Ghaleb El Refae- AAU President, Vice Presidents and Deans.

Prof. Ibtehal Aburezeq- Vice President of Development and Follow up and the Dean of Student Affairs, expressed her happiness for the happening of the event after a gap of two years, and said that, it is a positive step sought by the Deanship of Student Affairs to create an environment of communication between students and promote the spirit of brotherhood and harmony among them.

In addition, distinguished students in extracurricular activities were honored intending to encourage them to continue participating in the events organized by the university and to enhance their skills.


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