A Global Engineering Project between Al Ain University and Mount Union University Entitled “Water and Flood Alarm System”

The first-ever Global Engineering Project in the Middle East was successfully hosted by the College of Engineering at Al Ain University - Abu Dhabi Campus, in collaboration with the University of Mount Union in the United States. This course is aimed at providing engineering students with both the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to become competent global engineers and to work effectively with international partners from diverse disciplines.

Months prior to the event, students from both universities were grouped into teams to discuss and share ideas on the project's design and execution. The event spanned two days, with students working together under the guidance of faculty committees from both universities to construct and test the proposed "Water and Flood Warning System." The system, equipped with load sensors, a solar power system, wireless communication, a sensor station, and a monitoring station, was designed to detect water and floods in a timely manner and provide warnings to people in the area.

The project provided students with an opportunity to experience engineering within a different culture and learn to work with different team dynamics.


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