Diversity In the University


AAU strongly believes diversity to be fundamental to academic excellence as the values of equal opportunity to access education are deeply-rooted in the UAE diverse community. Experience has shown that the more varied the backgrounds and perspectives of students and faculty, the richer the academic experience becomes.

For faculty and professional staff, diversity reinforces ties in the workplace leading to the ultimate success and realization of goals. Similarly, for students, learning in a diverse educational environment affords students the opportunity for personal growth, instills the values of mutual respect, and builds the spirit of teamwork leading to a generation of professionals who will be able to help build a closely-knit community.

Moreover, working towards the future requires raising a generation of professionals who are able to work in a diverse, pluralistic workplace, and who deal with others on the basis of contribution and character. To that end, AAU strives to create a healthy diverse atmosphere where students and faculty from all backgrounds and origins can positively interact and effectively contribute to the exchange of information and the flow of knowledge in a way that assists each and every one of them in the pursuit of their goals hence contributing to achieving the mission of AAU.

At AAU’s diverse learning environment, faculty and students come together in a welcoming and respectful setting that allows access to education for all and offers them the maximum opportunity for a culturally diverse experience.


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