Chairman of the board of trustees

The establishment of Al-Ain University is an expression of the wise attitude of our leadership towards education and its role in the welfare of society.

In this modern and constantly changing world of ours, universities have stepped beyond the realm of teaching to become centers for scientific research and planning.This development necessitates that Al-Ain University should also transform itself into an establishment that fosters students' intellectual growth and adopts scientific research that aims at identifying problems and proposes solutions in order to push ahead with reform and overall development.

Under the patronage of our leaders, the country has achieved high levels of economic, educational and social accomplishments. The role of AAU is to effectively contribute to the development which the UAE is experiencing and to help pave the way for the prosperity that lies ahead.


President Message

Prof. Ghaleb El-RefaeOn behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of Al Ain University, I welcome you and invite you to explore our colleges, the programs, and the services we offer. Since its inception, AAU has been committed to fulfilling its vision and mission of becoming a leading higher education institution in the UAE and the Arab world.

At its two campuses in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, AAU has allocated all facilities and resources for contributing to the development of education and community and ensuring a successful, fruitful academic experience for everyone whether teaching or studying at the wide range of programs and specializations on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

AAU is strongly committed to the values of collaboration, diversity, excellence, respect and integrity with giving back to the community and taking part in the development of the UAE as the backbone of these values.  Consequently, a team comprising the Board of Trustees, University administrators, and faculty members has been working restlessly to identify the needs of the community to ensure that the selection of programs and services offered to meet the requirements of the UAE and the Arab world.

Whether you are seeking a teacher education, knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences, academic training in programming and engineering, or a degree in the business or legal professions, you are bound to leave AAU with more than that. Also, if you are seeking to acquire academic experience in instruction, carry out scientific research, or perform innovative experiments, AAU is the right place to be at.

In the end, each and every member of the AAU community is indispensable as our goals and mission cannot be realized without you, all of you, students, faculty, staff, and alumni.


Prof. Ghaleb El-Refae
AAU President

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