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Important information for new students - ID Card

  • Posted on:Sep 04, 2018

What is a University ID Card?

Is to prove the student’s identity in the university and it holds the student’s official university number.

Card usage

  • Attend examinations
  • Borrowing books from the library.
  • Buying textbooks from the bookshop.
  • Obtain an academic record or official documents from the Admissions and Registration Unit.
  • No procedure will be taken without the student's ID.

How to get the card

The Admissions and Registration Unit shall announce the specified period for delivering of university cards to registered students. Therefore, during this period, the student must:

  • Fill in the form "Getting the University Card".
  • Attach a personal photo.
  • Pay 50 AED (Annually).
  • Submit the application to the Admission and Registration Unit.

Replacement of a lost

  • If a student loses his / her university card, the admission and registration unit should be notified.
  • A new card will be issued by the Admission and Registration Unit.

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