AAU Takes Part in Ana Rosa Initiative

AAU Takes Part in “Ana Rosa” InitiativeIn response to the invitation extended by Mafraq Hospital, AAU participated in the “Ana Rosa” health initiative aiming at increasing awareness among women regarding the importance of regular mammograms and breast screening.

The program addresses a number of key topics one of which being the challenges posed by breast cancer - the second leading cause of death in females in the UAE.  Aiming to effectively reduce the risk of breast cancer across the UAE by spreading awareness and education on breast health, the initiative will provide information on screening procedures, preventative measures, and tips for staying healthy. “Ana Rosa” will also offer information on cervical cancer and other important health information pertaining to women’s health.

A number of faculty members and professional staff at AAU – Abu Dhabi campus actively participated in the launch event. In this context, during an interview with Abu Dhabi TV, Dr. Zohrieh Shanaa, AAU Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, expressed her pleasure at the launch of “Ana Rosa” initiative. “We are confident it will genuinely affect the lives of hundreds, even thousands, of patients. This is an initiative started by women for women, and led by a team of prominent specialists who are ready to offer crucial information and health tips to the women of Abu Dhabi.”


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