AAU Student Delegation Visits ECSSR

AAU Student Delegation Visits ECSSRThe Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research received a delegation of AAU students taking the course (Research Skills) in AAU, Abu Dhabi Campus. The students were introduced to the ECSSR’s objectives, activities, and organizational structure through a short documentary. The meeting also tackled the various publications by the ECSSR and their purpose.

After the documentary, accompanied by the ECSSR officials, the students toured the center’s divisions and facilities. Several other activities carried out by the ECSSR were further explained during the tour.

The students also visited the UAE Federation Library, the largest library in the UAE with specialized holdings in economic, political and social sciences. The library holds, both in English and Arabic, a large number of international reference works, general and specialized encyclopedias, periodicals, important documents, official reports, maps, electronic databases, and other materials in ECSSR‎'s fields of interest.

AAU Student Delegation Visits ECSSR


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