Al Ain University Marks Al Isra' Wal Mi'raj

Al Ain University Marks Al Isra’ Wal Mi’rajThe AAU Deanship of Student Affairs at Abu Dhabi Campus organized a religious seminar in commemoration of Al Isra Wal Mi’raj. Dr. Issa Rabeeh, faculty member at the College of Law, delivered the talk which faculty members, staff, and students attended.

Dr. Issa recounted the journey of the Prophet’s PBUH Isra and Mi’raj (Ascension) detailing the journey’s stages and miracles. He explained that Allah chose Prophet Mohammad PBUH for this miracle to honor him. He pointed out the Prophet’s manners and humility and the lessons drawn from the details and observations through the journey. He also referred to the significance of setting the five prayers at that night. The Prophet PBUH observed Allah’s miracles and the journey ended with him seeing the people of heaven and the people of hell, Dr. Issa added.

Al Ain University Marks Al Isra’ Wal Mi’raj


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