On Mother's Day: AAU Celebrates Mothers

On Mother’s Day: AAU Celebrates MothersAl Ain University at both campuses in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi honored mothers working at AAU and their mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day. The event was organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs where students presented cards and symbolic gifts to the mothers who, in turn, expressed their appreciation of the gesture that serves to strengthen human ties and underlines group participation in special events.

Dr. Ibtehal Aburezq, Dean of Student Affairs, said that we always ensure AAU students take part in all social and national events to instill the spirit of responsibility in them. Mother’s Day is no doubt one of the occasions that call for a special kind of celebration as the mother is the foundation of the community; she is the first school and the cornerstone for the family. The values and ethics the mother instills in her children reflects not only on the individual, but also on the entire community, so she deserves to be appreciated and honored by all institutions and organizations not just her family and children.

AAU will continue to activate its participation and interaction with social institutions and organizations as well as students’ parents in all social, cultural, and national events for we believe that students need to always be in touch with the local community. Such participation uncovers various talents and enhances positive values that affects the individual’s personality and builds his/her capabilities, Aburezq added.

On her part, Dr. Zuhrieh Shana, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, mentioned that Mother’s Day is a great occasion to express our love and gratitude. The best thing about this day is that it gathers individuals who have been engrossed in life’s matters around their mothers and reminds them of the most precious of all people. It is also a reminder that whatever a person does nothing will serve the mother her right in appreciation of her sacrifices.


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