"Science and Life" Science Fair at AAU

“Science and Life” Science Fair at AAUThe AAU Deanship of Student Affairs, in collaboration with Ms. Seham Kora, Science and Life instructor, organized a science fair at Abu Dhabi campus. Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi, AAU Vice President, along with a number of faculty, staff, and students attended the fair.

Ms. Kora explained that the fair aimed at making the “Science and Life” course more appealing and interesting by linking it with the societal issues and life through field trips and science fairs in which students participate.

Ms. Kora added that the “Science and Life” course includes chapters on the environment, contagious diseases, hereditary diseases, addiction, recycling, and energy. Students, under supervision from the instructor, conducted experiments directly related to the course content.

On his part, Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi, AAU Vice President, expressed his admiration of the fair and encouraged this kind of student activities highlighting the significance of adopting a healthy lifestyle to prevent several diseases and underlining the importance of the conservation of the environment.

The participating students demonstrated the experiments and distributed leaflets and CDs illustrating healthy diets, the prevention of certain diseases such as autism, cancer, diabetes, thalassemia, and AIDS, and combating smoking and addiction with the hazards they pose to individuals and the community.


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