"Ways for Volunteering" Lecture at AAU

  • Posted on:Jan 21, 2013

“Ways for Volunteering” Lecture at AAUThe Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University Abu Dhabi campus, in cooperation with the UAE Red Crescent, organized a lecture entitled “Ways for Volunteering” presented by Mr. Hassan Nasr, representative from the UAE Red Crescent Volunteer Department.

Mr. Nasr defined voluntary work and its significance to community development in various fields, and he gave examples of the early instances of volunteering in Islam such as, construction, building mosques, digging trenches, neighbor’s rights, and aiding persons in plight. In addition, he pointed out that the Holy Quran encourages cooperation and volunteering with many verses encouraging voluntary work.

On her part, Dr. Zuhrieh Shana’a, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, expressed her pleasure in the students’ participation in the lecture reiterating that university students are the backbone of developing a culture of volunteering in the community. She highlighted that the importance of volunteering lies in enhancing the sense of belonging and the spirit of sharing as well as developing and refining personal skills. Being an entirely humane activity in goals, practice and results, voluntary work has become a corner stone in building the community and reinforcing social solidarity.


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