AAU discusses cooperation prospects with Department of Culture and Tourism

The AAU Vice President, Dr. Amer Qasem, discussed the cooperation prospects with the Department of Culture and Tourism while his meeting with Mrs. Rania Nasser, Director of the Department of Education and Awareness, Mrs. Rita Own, Executive Director of the Culture Sector and Mr. Rayan Norbert Head of the Communication with Universities Unit.

During the visit, the AAU Vice President reviewed Al Ain University achievements and the latest academic programs offered in the bachelor and master’s degrees, praising the distinguished role played by the Department of Culture and Tourism to enrich the culture of university students, which supports the education process in the United Arab Emirates. He also stressed the university's keenness to rejuvenate its relations with local community institutions in all fields that support students and help them build their future, academically and practically.

At the end of this meeting, the two parties agreed to hold several meetings regarding achieving mutual cooperation and continuous communication.


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