Collaborative Research and Scholarly Activity


According to the AAU research instructions and guidelines, the cooperative arrangement in scientific research entails the development of cooperation with three bodies, including cooperation with other national, regional and international universities; industry; public, and private sectors. This cooperative arrangement statement is based on the university principles of openness and free dissemination of research ideas. It also ensures that profit-oriented companies should use university’s research ideas on professional and ethical basis. AAU encourages conducting research with individuals from other institutions and international organizations. As evidence of that, several faculty members have published joint research papers with researchers from other universities. Several faculty members have collaborative work with local and international universities. AAU is aware of the role of research cooperation as an important form of engagement that the university can offer to communities. This engagement will also help AAU to utilize research resources effectively, especially that some resources have often not been used in university partnerships. The research strengths can be integrated more fully into partnerships with communities in the following forms:

  1. Cooperation with Universities
    AAU encourages field-specific collaboration with national and international universities and research institutions to develop extended partnership and enhance research quality on mutual benefit basis.
  2. Cooperation between University and Industry
    Research and development cooperation between universities and industry is quite hard because it involves uncertainty, high information use on asymmetries between partners, and high spillovers. Despite these difficulties, AAU is willing to play an important role in the academic fields and research central to arts and humanities, businesses, natural sciences, social sciences, technology and economics.
  3. Cooperation with Public and Private Sectors
    AAU encourages research cooperation with the public and private sectors that includes collaboration through joint research projects, sponsored research, consultation and expert assistance. Other important forms of cooperation include University researchers’ participation in conferences and workshops arranged by government and non-governmental organizations as well. Graduate students are also encouraged to conduct research related to public interest.