The Top Internet and Mobile Scams

Internet and websites help us in many things such as online shopping, payments, and communications. But you need to be very careful as there are many scams which are working just to get your personal and private information. The internet scams are not a new thing. There are many ways by which the scammers will try to grab your information and they are improving it day by day in order to trap even the smartest people. So, in this article, I will discuss different types of scams from which you have to protect your information as it is very difficult to found on the internet that who stole your information and from where. So, it is better to stay careful while browsing, shopping or paying bills etc.

Email scams

In such scams, you receive an email which might have a very strong story in order to trap you or it could also be some sort of greeting or any lottery scheme. In all the cases they will try to convince you to provide your personal information and for that, they will explain or tell you a lot of benefits of the scheme or try to scare you that if you don’t do it then you might face some sort of fines. So, in order to stay away from such scams always check the email id and if you still feel that it could be the real scheme or email then contact the helpline number of the company. Remember don’t call on any number which they mentioned in email as it will redirect you to them again. So, better to visit the office if not so then check the right proper number of the office or authorities to check the validity. In some cases, they say that your specific account is not secure and they ask you to click on that link in order to verify or secure your account. When you click on that link it moves you to the fake website which looks exactly the same as the original website but to avoid such scams always check the website address before adding the details. If the website name is different from the original website then it is definitely a scam and such scams are known as "Phishing" 

Call Scams

Such scams are very common around the world and the scammers are improving their techniques in order to attract you or to prove you that it’s not a scam. It is similar to the email scams and in this, they will also try to get your personal and private information and once you will provide them they will use it for other purposes. So, if you receive calls from any unknown numbers or from an unregistered helpline number then don’t follow the instructions until you verify it from a proper helpline or source.

Fake Applications

There are many applications for mobile phones which are not authentic or they are a copy of other applications. When you download or use such application they ask access to your data and sometimes even ask you to provide your personal information too in order to proceed. So, before downloading any application must read the reviews and check thoroughly that is it a good application to download and use it or not.

Auto Subscription 

Many times when you do online shopping you get the auto subscription. Due to which you might have to pay for it or you would start receiving messages of unwanted products or services. Mostly they also get activated through mobile phones if you are using a fake application and then they will use your credit too. So, it is very important to check the fine print before buying or purchasing online and try to not use any application which doesn't have good reviews. Such subscription could also be activated when you go to trial or discount offers.