The Ugly Truth About Cosmetics

The Ugly truth about Cosmetics

Nowadays there are obvious appearing of new diseases, and increasing in the number of cancer patients all over the world. However, some researchers found that there is a relationship between cosmetics and cancer. In fact, there is a noticeable increase in the using of these agents in the last century whereas increasing in cancer with all its types in the same time. Polyacrylamide and its derivatives (acrylamide, acrylate, poly-acrylate, polyquaternium) are one of the common component used in cosmetic formulations.

Latest studies found that polyacrylamide and its derivatives can be carcinogenic to human and they can be absorbed through the skin to reach the blood. Many people still use many skin care products containing these chemical agents without knowing the risk of it. many statistical studies were conducted in order to find out the percentage of skin care products are in the market contains polyacrylamide and its derivatives in comparison with polyacrylamide free-product. The high percentage of skin care products in the market have these chemical agents of high concern.

Body Care Cosmetics and the ugly truth about them

These skin care products were as followings:

  • Acne clearer cream with polyquaternium-7,
  • Face wash with acrylate C10-30, matte foundation with methacrylate cross-polymer,
  • Gentle care shampoo with polyquaternium-7 and acrylate copolymer,
  • Hair therapy with polyacrylamide and sanitizer with acrylate/c10-30 and alkyl acrylate cross-polymer.

On the other hand, some skin care products were found without these chemicals such as:

  • Facial wash,
  • Daily wash and cream,
  • Oil replacement for hair and sunscreen tinted cream.

Therefore, as polyacrylamide and its derivatives can increase the risk of developing cancers, consumer, who cares about their health, must be careful when choosing cosmetics products by checking the composition of it as some formulation ingredients can be harmful. 

Sun block

Because of the cancerous risk of cosmetics after they observe the rising number in many cancers such as:

  • Breast cancer in women.
  • Testicular cancer in men.
  • Reducing sperm counts in men.

Cosmetic is a reason for cancer  and breast cancer

Therefore, the question would be always asked here, how to choose the safe cosmetics? Make sure that the products you are using are free of the following materials:

  • Acrylamide.
  • Mineral oil.
  • Aromatic hydrocarbon.
  • Paraben.
  • Aluminum.
  • Lead.
  • Mercury.
  • Phthalates and arsenic.
  • Besides.

Also, Pharmacist opinion on the safety of the product you are consuming is so helpful. Therefore please;

  • Have a look what’s in your bathroom when you come home today.
  • Spend some time on screening ingredients the next time you go shopping.
  • Your skin and body will thank you for that. 

Ask the pharmacists to help you in choosing cosmetics

It is up to each one to make their own decision as to whether they purchase and use a product containing certain questionable ingredients or not, but this is how it works and we can actually control it.


By: Dr. Mosab Arafat

Assistant Professor - College of Pharmacy 


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