Engineering Students Discover Space Challenges

In order to provide its students with the knowledge and skills necessary for creativity and leadership, to enhance their self-confidence and understand the local market challenges to build the future engineer, Dr. Nuha Hamada at Al Ain University in Abu Dhabi campus has coordinated a visit to one of the international innovation centers “Krypto Labs” in Masdar City.

The students were introduced to the center and attended the workshop organized by Krypto labs in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates Space Agency, where a team of researchers and specialists in the agency led a discussion about the future challenges facing the UAE space technology company.

The team emphasized the important roles of the artificial intelligence, machine learning and information security in the development of future research and projects.

Dr. Nuha pointed out that this visit was an incentive for the College of Engineering students to discover everything related to the world of space and to gain more knowledge that enhance their skills to be professional engineers in the future.


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