The Deanship of Student Affairs enhances health awareness during Ramadan

The Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University, organized a health event entitled; The importance of minerals and vitamins for the human body in Ramadan, was presented by Dr. Safaa Suliman from Burjeel Hospital, and the Nutritionist Dr. Osama Saeed from Ultra Medical Center, in the presence of number of academic and administrative staffs and AAU students.

In the beginning, Dr. Safaa spoke about vitamins, minerals, daily needs of the individual, importance of every vitamin in the body, the nutritional sources, and the damages of its deficiency and its surplus in the body. Then, Dr. Osama talked about the intake of proper nutrition in Ramadan, how to maintain weight, appropriate times for exercising in Ramadan, in addition to the appropriate quality of food for each case according to weight.




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