Research Groups

Research Groups

  1. Drug Delivery, Analysis, and Characterization Group: develops control release drug delivery system, self-emulsifying drug delivery system, synthesis and fully characterize a range of polysaccharides-based nanoparticles used as drug delivery systems, in vitro drug release evaluation, comparison studies between generic and brand-name medications. Pharmacokinetic and in silico assessments using GastroPlus® modelling and simulation software and HPLC development method.

    Faculty members:
    • Khairi Mustafa
    • Mosab Arafat
    • Mohammad F. Bostanudin
    • Muhammad Sarfraz
    • Arshad Mahmood
  2. Drug Discovery Group: develops new inhibitors of different enzymes that are involved in the pathogenesis of different diseases such as antibacterial agents, antidiabetic agents and anticancer agents, using computational and conventional drug design methods.

    Faculty members:
    • Mohammad Ghattas
    • Sawsan Abu Hamdah
    • Tareq Abu Izneid
    • Abdullah I. Saleh
    • Amar Hamrouni
    • Nezar Al Bataineh
    • Saad Touqeer
  3. Biomedical Sciences Group: conducts comprehensive research, exploring fundamental biology, microbiology, biochemistry and intricate mechanistic studies. Scientists unravel the complexities of life through experiments within living organisms and in vitro investigations in controlled environments.

    Faculty members:
    • Rose Ghemrawi
    • Azza Ramadan
    • Walaa Mousa
    • Nadia Hussain
    • Taima Alqudah
    • Kawthar Kayed
  4. Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice Group: conducts research related to social pharmacy utility, pharmacoeconomic, and quality of life research, counterfeit of drugs, drug utilization review, and drug safety.

    Faculty members:
    • Anan Jarab
    • Faris El-Dahiyat
    • Amira Shaaban
    • Asim Ahmed ElNour
    • Adel Sadeq
    • Zelal Kharaba
    • Mohammad Al Ahmad
  5. Nutrition and Dietetics Group: performs nutrition assessment for different age groups, assessing the efficacy & safety of functional food and dietary supplements, conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis to answer the questions encountered in the practice of dietetics, product development, studying physical, chemical, nutritional, microbial, sensory evaluation and shelf life of different new food products.

    Faculty members:
    • Mahmoud Abughoush
    • Maher Dabbas
    • Suhad Abumweis
    • Yazan Ranneh
    • Sehar Iqbal

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